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Our principle architect combined with the rest of the team makes for a perfect combination of experts to turn your dreams into reality. See below for more detail on our team.

Meet Jim Pool

Meet Jim Pool

The principle architect at JK Pool Architects. An accomplished architect with over 35 years of design experience excellence. Jim's knowledge and expertise set him apart from the competition.

About The Firm

Established in 1993, James K. Pool Architects and Associates (JKPA) is a medium sized Architectural firm located in Granby, Colorado offering architectural services to Grand County and throughout all of Colorado, and the United States.
We have also designed homes & retreats internationally, and are currently designing resort homes in Panama.
JKPA specializes in custom mountain architecture with an emphasis on unique personal designs coupled with efficient building practices and materials.
JKPA offers architectural design services for residential and commercial projects ranging from remodel and addition projects to high end custom homes and commercial projects. We also offer 3-D presentations and a host of various visual marketing tools for our clients.
JKPA’s design philosophy is simple: Committed to meet and Exceed the Client’s Vision. Although we pride ourselves in the distinctive character and design influence we bring to a project, we understand that the most important element to the successful completion of any project is the complete satisfaction of our client.
JKPA has developed a reputation for creating award winning designs that enhance our client’s quality of life where they live, work and play. JKPA’s clients are as diverse as our designs and range from government agencies, retailers, restaurants, developers of fine multi and single family homes, hotel & spa facilities and affordable housing. JKPA is actively involved with Habitat for Humanity of Grand County and donates time and services each year for the Habitat for Humanity project home.

Our Experience

Our experience speaks for itself. With years of client satisfaction, award winning custom homes built, and unsurpassed design excellence, we would be pleased to be part of your design needs.
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What Sets Us Apart

Let us show you why you should choose JK Pool Architects to design your dreams.
Holistic Vision

Holistic Vision

A truly successful project needs to be approached & designed holistically. There are many different aspects that need to be known at the beginning of the design process. Viewing the process holistically creates a completeness & thoroughness of the design process.
Holistic Design

Holistic Design

Holistic Design means listening and respecting my client’s needs & budget. It also incorporates placing the home in harmony with the land, maximizing the view & the enhancement of natural light and solar gain.
Holistic Process

Holistic Process

The Holistic process includes precision and detail with my construction documents. This approach will save the client time & money during the construction phase. Builders I work with comment that my construction documents are the most complete and thorough that they work with. This attention to construction documents assists in a smoother & more cohesive construction process.
The result is a home that is in balance with itself. Specifically, we design a home that is in harmony with itself. This approach has led to my clients and their guests to comment that not only is their home stunning but their home has a uniquely wonderful feel. This is not by accident, it is consciously created.

Responsibility in Architecture & Design

  • Responsibility to The Client:
    To a functional and creative design
    To the environment
    To the community
    My first responsibility is to the client. It is my commitment to you, that I will listen to you and will continue to communicate with you throughout our whole design process.
    One of my great joys of being an architect is, as I listen to you, I begin to understand your vision.
    One of my great joys in being an architect is not bringing your dream into a reality but to surpass your dreams.
    A collaborative process enables us to engage clients and therefore our designs are unique & diverse – just like you are.
  • Responsibility to design:
    The design is a marriage of beautiful & functional. We live in the magnificent Rocky Mountains. The design may complement the texture and materials of where we live.
    The function of the design is to insure the quality of construction and knowledge of designing with the view, the quality of light and the purpose & enjoyment of your home.
  • Responsibility to The Environment:
    For years we have heard the term “green” used in regards to architecture. I feel it is an architect’s responsibility to go beyond green and to design with RESPONSIBILITY. I will suggest products that will create a healthy home for you & your family & friends to enjoy.
  • Responsibility to the Community:
    It is my responsibility to insure the design is within the guidelines & meets the requirements of your subdivision and the building codes. The quality of my construction documents will insure a smooth & uncomplicated construction process. I will only recommend construction materials that are professional & of the highest quality.

We are a very creative team

When you combine passion with expertise in architecture, beautiful creations are born!

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Sophisticated Designs

Sophistication in design comes from expertise and also years of excellence in quality and attention to detail.

Powerful Creativity

Creativity stems from of the client combined with years of knowledge to create the perfect design.

Reliable Knowledge

With years of expertise and design knowledge, your design needs are in very capable hands.

Green Minded

A truly good design takes into consideration all aspects of a building that will impact its surroundings.